Friday, March 27, 2015

Conscience of a Blackened Street

The new short story set in the world of Seven Crows and possibly eluding to what is in store for the kids from the first novel, Conscience of a Blackened Street is now LIVE on Amazon Kindle.

March 31st - April 4th: Conscience of a Blackened Street will be FREE for Kindle.
If you cannot get a copy for free, e-mail Justin at and get a copy for Kindle or in PDF e-mailed directly to you for FREE!  Miss the promo, e-mail Justin anyway!

March 31st - April 30th: Seven Crows Book I will be $0.99 for Kindle.

And the Seven Crows RPG (beta) is still free at RPGDriveThru.

This is your chance to check out Justin Killam's amazing fiction for free and get into the Seven Crows world for a great price!  If you like, please spread the word and post a review on

Thanks and enjoy!


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